Brawler (DS Fight Club #4)

The Brawler
Damon Pierce has always had to fight. He rose from a homeless street fighter to an MMA champion, only to lose it all.

Miss Skittish
Annie Hedges is a gentle soul who is finally getting her fresh start. After almost twenty years in a stifling marriage, she has finally found her voice and is heading out on her own.

After first encountering each other when they were at the lowest points in their lives, Pierce and Annie meet again under better circumstances and venture into a tentative relationship. Unfortunately, people from both of their pasts threaten their new-found happiness. Now, Annie and Pierce must fight, together, if they want their love to survive.

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In seventeen years of marriage, she had never done anything remotely as intimate as what she was doing with this big fighter, who, really, she barely knew.

Annie stopped her explorations as Pierce pulled her closer and ran his hand under her nightie, sweeping against the swell of her buttocks to rest on the bare skin at the curve of her waist.


“Let me taste you, Annie, please. Let me love you,” he whispered in her ear.


His eyes snapped open at her inhaled breath. “Annie?”

She could feel the heat of shame crawling up her neck.

“Annie, darlin’, come back to me from wherever you are. Please talk to me.” Pierce’s hands returned to her face, cupping it gently. He traced a small circle on her temple with his thumb and pressed a sweet kiss to her forehead. “What are you thinking? Just tell me. Never be afraid to tell me.”

“I’m worried about what you’re thinking of me right now.”

“You wanna know what I think of you? Honestly?”

“Maybe?” She gave him a weak smile.

Pierce rolled over onto his back and pulled her against him. Annie wrapped herself around his side and tucked her head under his chin. Pierce stroked her hip and was quiet so long that Annie didn’t think he was going to answer.

“I think you . . . are a beautiful, sexy woman.” He lifted her hand and pressed a kiss to her palm. “I think you know what you want but aren’t quite at the point where you realize that you can have it, that you deserve it. I also think that, yeah, you deserve a hell of a lot more than you’ve gotten for the past seventeen years. I’m, uh, I’m not sure that I’m the guy who can give that to you. But I’d like the chance to try.”