Fighter (DS Fight Club #0)

A New Mother

One year ago, Bailey Jenkins’ boyfriend surprised her with an engagement announcement at the company holiday party. Now, he’s in jail for assault and Bailey, six months pregnant, has a new home and a new job, and a glimmer of hope for a new beginning.

A Former Fighter

Between coping with his father’s illness and fighting off the unwelcome attention of an obsessed ex-girlfriend, Colin Carmichael needs a break. After his beloved father passes away, Colin retreats from the public eye and joins his long-lost brother in Atlanta, hoping for a fresh start as the owner of an MMA training facility.

Two New Beginnings. To New Beginnings.

Bailey knows the last thing she needs is another complication in her newly settled life, especially one that makes a living with his fists, but she can’t ignore her growing attraction to the surprisingly sensitive heavyweight champion. Colin realizes that between her pregnancy and her felonious ex, getting involved with Bailey might possibly be the worst decision he’s ever made, but resisting his little curly-haired neighbor is proving difficult. When a problem from each of their pasts comes to Atlanta, Colin and Bailey must fight for the sweet relief that their fledgling relationship promises to give them.

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“She sure does. She’s always bringing cakes to the office and says that the other half’s at home,” Bailey said, shaking her head at the memory of last week’s cake of the week: a five-layer monstrosity of hazelnut and chocolate. It was delicious, but very rich. “I’m gonna have to stop partaking every time she brings something in. I’ve noticed my waistband’s getting a little bit tight.”

Colin lifted his head. “What? This little bitty thing?” He wrapped his hands around her waist. “It seems like the perfect size to me.”

Bailey tilted her head toward him. “You are so sweet, Colin. You really are.”

“Well, it does. You know me well enough by now to know that I don’t say anything I don’t mean.”

Bailey knew it and still thought it was a sweet thing to say.

“So when I say that you look so beautiful that it almost makes me cry, and that it’s taking every ounce of my restraint to not pull those little shorts down and stick my face in your pussy, you know I’m serious, right?”

“Colin!” Oh, my GAWD!

He grinned at her, but it was a sweet, hopeful grin.

“Colin, you can do whatever you want.”

Colin’s face grew serious. “Even put on a clown mask when I’m giving you the business?”

That comment caught her off guard. “Wh-what?”

“What does ‘circus sex’ make you think?”

“Um. Not clowns,” she said with a laugh.


She looked at him curiously. “Do I wanna know?”

“Junior said something one time about me and circus sex. Never mind.” His face flushed deep red.

Bailey shook her head and then looked at Colin adoringly. “Colin, honey, look at me.” When he looked into her eyes, she said, “No masks. I love looking at your face when you come.”