Striker (DS Fight Club #3)

Dominic “Dig” DiGiacomo is looking to make some changes. After an almost career-ending injury, he’s ready to get serious about winning a championship belt, and nothing is going to distract him from meeting that goal. Well, nothing except DS Fight Club’s sassy new manager, Nanda Maldonado.

Fernanda Maldonado came to Atlanta for one thing and one thing only: a fresh start away from the drama and danger of her old life in New Jersey. Nanda is determined to follow the rules this time, and her number one rule is: Don’t date a fighter.

When Dig proves too tempting for Nanda to resist, she propositions him, warning him in advance that he’s merely “scratching an itch.” But one night with Nanda is enough to hook Dig, who gets frustrated when she insists on keeping him at arm’s length afterwards.
Unfortunately, Nanda’s past bad decisions affect her new life in Atlanta, and when her ex’s enemies track her to DS Fight Club, Dig will do anything to make sure Nanda stays safe.

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Dig chuckled and kissed her, and she surprised him by deepening the kiss and sitting up and straddling his torso. Her face was serious as she stroked his beard with her fingers, so serious that he couldn’t help but smile. His fingers traced the petals of the bright flowers that adorned the thick lines of ink that wound around her hips, and she dragged her fingertips around the outline of the thorny vines of the tattoo over his heart. “You’re beautiful, you know?” Dig’s voice was hushed, almost as if he was trying not to wake her. He moved his hands up her body, still with the smallest, lightest of touches, to cradle her breasts in his hands. She cocked her head to one side and squinted at him. “What are you thinking, hmm? What’s going through that crazy fighter head of yours, chulo?” she asked with a little laugh. He chuckled, and still smiling, shook his head. “Nothing. Everything.”